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Lexan Thermoclear Polycarbonate Panels

Lexan twin wall greenhouse kit
8mm Lexan Thermoclear side wall of greenhouse

Inside view of Thermoclear

8mm Thermoclear side wall

8mm Thermoclear twin-wall

Sabic's Lexan Thermoclear also known as Verolite in the horticultural markets is made in a standard 8 foot long sheet in either 48" or 72" widths. Lexan Thermoclear is also available in 16 mm triple wall for maximum insulation. As a greenhouse glazing material Lexan Thermoclear multi wall sheets are subject to extremes of weather; storms, wind, hail snowfalls and ice formation. Under these conditions, the product is virtually unbreakable and is able to handle any ensuing temperature changes without breaking or buckling.

Lexan twin wall polycarbonate cut away view 8mm twin wall cross section

Lexan Thermoclear also known as Verolite, Polygal, Palram, Suntuf is a structured polycarbonate multiwalled sheet that features: UV Resistance: The complete Lexan Thermoclear twin-wall sheet range features a propriety one side surface treatment designed to protect the sheet against degrading effects of ultraviolet radiation in natural sunlight. Important: This side must always be installed facing outwards. Lexan Thermoclear Dripguard Sheet: Lexan Thermoclear Dripguard Sheet features an additional proprietary surface treatment, on the inward facing side, to inhibit the formation of condensation water droplets. This property is particularly important in helping prevent plant spoilage in greenhouse. Lexan Thermoclear twin-wall Dripguard Sheet can be ordered using the following code LTD10/2RS1700. Lexan Thermoclear Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting is a high quality, low maintenance glazing material that is built to last. Based on Lexan polycarbonate resin, it delivers high impact strength, an excellent balance of low weight and high stiffness and natural "water - clear" transparency". From conservatories, commercial greenhouses and swimming pools, to industrial buildings, offices and sports stadiums, this versatile range of materials helps to deliver state of the art, lightweight glazing for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Warranty: Sabic Plastics offers a 10 year Limited Warranty on Lexan Thermoclear twin-wall sheet covering discoloration, loss of light transmission and loss of strength due to weathering. See the Warranty for exact details. All Sabic Plastics multi-wall sheet products can be supplied by prior arrangement in non standard widths, lengths and colors. Such arrangements may affect prices, warranty terms and/or other conditions of sale. Installation: Installation design parameters shown here are typical values measured and are calculated according to Building and Construction Research Report no. B-90-480, from the Netherlands Organization for Applied Science Research (TNO). For more advice and technical information on installtion contact your nearest GE Plastics Structured Products sales office or approved Lexan Thermoclear distributor. Link to specifications and how to apply, cut and clean Lexan Thermoclear sheets Technical Data Sheet.


From Wikipedia: Lexan is a registered trademark for SABIC Innovative Plastics' (formerly General Electric Plastics) brand of polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. Polycarbonate polymer is produced by reacting bisphenol A with phosgene. Lexan is the brand name for polycarbonate sheet and resin in a wide range of grades. Lexan is mainly used in three domains: building (glazing and domes), industry (machine protection and fabricated parts) and communication and signage. Common usages include space and sports helmets, clear high-performance windshields and aircraft canopies, motor vehicle headlight lenses and bullet resistant windows. Dr. Hermann Schnell working for Bayer in Germany invented the polycarbonate resin in 1953, just one week before chemist Dr. Daniel Fox of GE independently made the same discovery while working on a wire coating. They had created a gooey substance that, once hardened, could not be broken or destroyed without great effort. Both teams were impressed by the remarkable toughness of the material.Both companies applied for U.S. patents in 1955. Before it was clear which would win the patent, both agreed that the patent holder would grant a license for an appropriate royalty. This agreement allowed both companies to concentrate on developing the polymer and was particularly advantageous to GE, since GE would not otherwise have been able to sell a product during the life of the original patent. In the 1960s, NASA used Lexan-brand polycarbonate for astronaut helmet assemblies and visors which became known as "bubble helmets" including those used by the Apollo moon astronauts. Lexan is also one brand of polycarbonate used to make football and other sports helmets. In 1968, Lexan brand polycarbonate sheet would be used in windows, signs, greenhouses and other large applications. By laminating sheets up to 1.25" thick in the 1970s, a material tough enough to stop bullets was created. By 1969, taillights made from Lexan brand polycarbonate were used on the Dino Ferrari. It was also used not only in industrial safety glasses, but also to make lightweight traditional eyewear.

Our Greenhouse Kits page has information on our kits. We have Greenhouse Plans for a freestanding cedar greenhouse just like our Sun Country Greenhouse that makes a great DIY project. There are several other greenhouse glazings to choose from. Greenhouse Coverings including glass, poly (plastic) and acrylics. Besides being beautiful to look at we use Western Red Cedar for our greenhouse kits because of it's resistance to rot and insects. When choosing a greenhouse kit or building from a plan there are different greenhouse frame styles to choose from. We have free DIY Solar greenhouse plans and simpler DIY Lean-to plans that attaches to your home and DIY Gambrel plans (barn shaped). Read about lighting, ventilation, pests and diseases as well there's free greenhouse potting bench plans at greenhouse Gardening Tips. Compare the clarity: Lexan Twin-wall vs. Lexan Corrugated polycarbonate. Our customer Photo Gallery and YouTube Videos of our greenhouses complete our site.





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inside view Lexan 8mm twin wall

The Insulated Twin-Wall Greenhouse Covering