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The greenhouse kit arrived intact Thursday.  We assembled the kit on Saturday.  We were all amazed at how easy everything went together.

Thank you for the pleasant experience,


Kendall Neely

Spring Branch, Texas



Hi Gary,

Yes, I had help with the roof.  One able body on each corner.  I will remove the protectors.  Thanks for the tip on the eaves, will do.  It took less than three hours to put kit all  together (in total).

It's absolutely beautiful.  If you need me as a satisfied customer (reference), just let me know.


Grover Mann

Albuquerque, N.M.



Hi Gary,

Put the greenhouse kit together today. I’ve got to tell you that I am very impressed with the quality of your construction and general class of the product. Everything fit together nicely and was snug. It was very easy to assemble though we did need four men plus a couple of women to lift the roof and slide it in place.

One question… There were four small wood blocks along with the parts sandwiched between the roof/corner vents. They’re about 1x1x5”. What are those for?

Thanks again and please use me as a reference if you want.

Bob Moore

Huntsville, Alabama




I installed the auto vent openers this weekend.  They seem to be working

very well.  Some family we had in town last week thought that the gas

openers were a fantastic invention.  My wife was thrilled with the metal

rods to hang plants from.  She didn't know they had come with the

greenhouse kit and when I was installing them, she said, "Wow, just when I

think we're all done you bring out something else that they sent...they

thought of everything!".  We also received the cedar sticks this weekend.


Darren S. Witte, MD

Chesterfield, Virginia



I received the greenhouse kit today.  The workmanship looks impeccable- kudos to you.  It has sincerely been a pleasure doing business with you.  I understand my automatic vent openers are on back-order.  Kindly advise as to their anticipated date of arrival.  Thanks much, again

Trevor Hawes

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.




Attached please find pics of my new toy.  I love it!


Regards, Anne McLean

Cochrane, Alberta



Hi Gary

I received my greenhouse kit and set it up with no problems. Everything fit well and myself, wife, and son were able to construct this greenhouse with no problems. The only hard part was lifting the roof onto the side walls. This is a great product, well build, and we are very pleased. I have attached a picture for your gallery.


Thanks again,


Ten Mile, Tennessee





Pittsburg, Illinois


RE: Best greenhouse kit survey (from Garden Web Forums)

• Posted by: jherrell z7b VA (My Page) on Fri, Sep 19, 03 at 14:27


Maybe pictures will speak more than a thousand words. Here is a picture of my Sun Country greenhouse kit taken after Hurricane Isabel passed thru Chesapeake, VA yesterday, winds in excess of 85 miles did no damage and no movement off foundation. Even the vents operate correctly.


Notice tree blown over into lake behind greenhouse.

Any further questions for a well built sturdy greenhouse?




All I can say is WOW. My greenhouse kit was delivered today and we uncrated it.
It is so beautiful. It is perfect. I am going to stain it this weekend. I am
so thrilled. Once it gets set up I will send you a digital photo.

Thanks again.


Anchorage Alaska





I was waiting to write until I could compose the words to best express how I really felt about your product. I haven't come up with them yet so I will simply say, I AM IMPRESSED !!! With everything from the tight way it fit together to the final product. My hat is off to you.


My wife loves the k it too. I will not be able to match myself next Christmas.



Ed Clarkson


Lometa, Texas


Dear Gary:

I've been meaning to write to you for a while, but with Christmas and
everything else......

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the greenhouse kit turned out beautifully. We
had renovated an old house last year and saved all the bricks from three old
chimneys.  We used those bricks to build a deck to put the greenhouse kit on and
for the flooring inside.  We leveled the area, put down landscape cloth and
three inches of gravel.  Then we laid the bricks down in a herringbone
pattern with just sand in between them.  It looks very nice and rustic. 
Prior to that we had put in a cement perimeter for the greenhouse to stand
on.  I put three coats of Sikkens stain on all the pieces (luckily I had a
two week dry spell to do that)  Putting the kit together was the easiest
part.  Everyone who has seen it has liked it a lot, and a couple of people
may be contacting you for kits.

Thanks again for all your help with this.  I'll try to send you some
pictures when I can.

Yours truly,  Barb Fraumeni

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Hi Gary, I just wanted to let you know, the greenhouse kit arrived and we assembled it in a couple of hours.  It turned out great and we are very happy with it.  We were especially impressed with the quality and appearance.  You do excellent work and you have a fantastic product.

Bruce Komito,

Incline Village, Nevada



Hi Gary,

Just wanted to let you know we received the greenhouse kit and that it is up and looking good.  It's really beautifully made and I'll be telling all my gardening friends about you.  One bit of feed-back- my girlfriend and I are fairly capable with do -it -yourself projects and we really needed the help of 3-4  strong guys to get this job done.  Perhaps that could be made more clear on your web site.  Speaking of your web site I like the changes, it's very well done.

Thanks again,

Sue Desillier

Warwick, Rhode Island




Greenhouse kt is up and it was pretty easy to put together.  You do an EXCELLENT job!  Here are some photos of it going up.  Fell free to use me as a reference.

Mike Cote

49 Whispering Ln

Holliston, MA 01746



We received the greenhouse kit and all looks good so far. We got it uncrated last nite and put it in the garage for now. I noticed a screw missing from one of the vent windows, no big deal I can go get some more, but other than that it looks very nice. I told my wife it's probably the only thing I've ever purchased that I feel like I got a fantastic quality  product that actually looks better than the pictures, and the construction is  top-notch! I finally hit a 'home-run'. It's worth the investment and my neighbors are asking tons of questions. We are truly looking forward to getting it put together  and start growing stuff. My kids are excited as well, what a great family item to own. It looks like we'll all be able to do something together. What more can I say except....we thank you!!!  matt-deb, simone-sydney and slater in good ole Oklahoma.

Matt Schaers,

Norman, Oklahoma


Gary, hi, 6 months later and here are pictures of "our" greenhouse kit. Also, inside in an "earthbox" are two tomato plants growing with 45 tomatoes on them.  I hope you will add my pictures to your website and refer me to anyone whom may have questions about quality of your units.
Thanks for a wonderful product that Rita and I are very proud of.

Jim Danklefs 

Austin, TX 



Sorry it took so long to write. I love the greenhouse kit. It arrived in great shape. My contractor was able to load it from the Roadway truck into his pickup. We were able to put it up with only three people. It looks great, the wood is excellent, the workmanship is first class, and the design is perfect.

My wife just loves it. Thanks for such a beautiful greenhouse kit. I don't know how you can charge so little for such a fine product.

George Maple

Templeton, California


Hey Gary,

The greenhouse kit went together in less than three hours with only three people. I found it easy to do the roof by laying down the two spruce twelve-footers then tacking down some scrap blocks of one by four boards 102 inches apart allowing the roof sections to rest snuggly against the blocks. that way I didn't have to add any holes to the cedar for braces and by using one by four it allowed space for the overhanging lexan. it only took three people for the roof since - two to lift rear of roof onto the side walls while one lifted/pushed front of roof then we swapped places- two to lift front of roof and one to push/slide back of roof by holding onto the rear roof tie. It was a piece of cake. I was certainly impressed by the simplicity of it all and the exact fit of every piece. I'll do my best to find you more customers, not that should need them.
thanks, stevie.

Steve Whelchel

Columbia, South Carolina


Gary,   The greenhouse kit went together like it was supposed to. Looks great but since I don't have many friends,  I had to depend on trusty John Deer for the muscle support.   So here are the  construction pictures. Only one question,  how do assemble the automatic window openers  and what are the 6 small pieces of 1" x1" x 6" cedar blocks for?   Should you ever need a dealer in NJ contact me.  I have a lot of neighbors very interested.  Also my E-Mail address has changed

Thanks again

Tom Olver   in the woods of New Jersey


Hey Gary,
      I have to hand it to you.  You build a really sturdy structure.  Last night and this morning we had a tremendous storm with high winds and snow. I was in the kitchen and heard a mighty crash, looked out the window and saw the top of one of our tall pines lying on the ground. It was about 40 feet long with lots of branches and the top was against the end of the greenhouse. I could see that it had crushed several  smaller trees and shrubs.  I rushed out to see what damage had been done to my new greenhouse which has only been up for 9 days.  Several panels of the end kneewall had been knocked out, but I could not see any other damage even though the top of the tree must have hit the roof.  However, the building had been moved on the foundation about three inches in two different directiions.  It is still square and plumb which says a lot for its strength.  I'll have to get my sledge and pound it back into its proper place.  As for the damaged kneewall panels, I should be able to salvage all but one or two and I think I can fabricate replacements. You can be proud of your work.

Tyler Deierhoi

Signal Mountain,



Gary, after a few more oh hells, damns, and sh---, I do have a fine finished product. I did manage to get a couple of neighbors and my wife to help me get the roof on Saturday afternoon and then I continued to finish it out and got through right at dark.

All I have to do complete the job is add the stepping stones and pea gravel and that will be done as time permits.

What a work of art and very precision built, we are so very proud of our new greenhouse kit and will be glad to give any information or referrals to new prospects you might have, feel free to give them my name, email address or phone number.

Once again, thanks for a great product, I wish you much future success in the greenhouse manufacturing business...Jim

Oh by the way...if any of your friends or relatives are thinking about buying, selling, or leasing a home, I'd love to be of service to them.  So, when you think of these people, just give me a call with their name and number.  I'll be happy to follow up and tend to their real estate needs.

Jim Danklefs

JB Goodwin Realtors

(512) 413-6650

Austin, Texas


 Gary - I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the greenhouse kit. I finished assembly today, and everything went great. I am amazed at the quality and the expert way in which everything fit together. You and your team are to be congratulated. What a beautiful addition to my yard. The only
problem I had was that my camera malfunctioned, and I didn't get any pictures of the actual assembly (wasn't going to send my crew home until I could get a new battery) but I will get a picture of the finished product as soon as I build in the shelves and install the furnace etc. I am very pleased with the finished product. If you have any customers who are the least bit hesitant - have them contact me and
I will tell them what a great product you have. I just can't tell you how happy we both are with the quality. Again, my sincere thanks for a great greenhouse kit.

Eric & Linda Parker
Oxford, Maine



Hello Gary

I have finished putting the 9 X 16 Kit together I got from you earlier this year, I put it on a poured concrete foundation wall. My wife really likes it. Do you have any recommendations on heating with a natural gas heater ?

Thanks much,

Steve Pratt

Raleigh, North Carolina



Hi Gary:

Just a quick note to let you know that my father is extremely pleased with his greeenhouse ki - - it's all he ever speaks about whenever I talk to him on the phone!

Everything went together very well and from the pictures that I've seen it looks great (hopefully I'll
get back to Connecticut to see it before it gets too cold).

Please let me know if you ever need a recommendation from me or my father, we would be glad to help you out.


Ed Peterson
Branford, Connecticut


Dear Gary,
We finally got the greenhouse kit up-a concerted effort by 6 fairly handy guys and a really handy neighbor who builds things like that for a living.  I was at a United Way parade that our 7 yr. old was in that Saturday morning -I guess they got it all done in 2 hours.  It has been up for 2 weeks and looks
beautiful.  Now I have to figure it all out--sometimes things on our farm take years to get up and going!  Do you have any recommendations regarding heating, fans, etc. for a novice like me? Thanks.

Rocky Webb

Wausau, Wisconsin


Hi Gary,
Just wanted to let you know that the greenhouse kit arrived Friday, Sept. 18..2:00 p.m.  I learned a lot
about freight schedules in the meantime!  I was able to locate some strong dads to help with
the unloading, and it all went very smoothly.  The greenhouse looks beautiful. We're having some shelves designed for inside, the gravel is in place, and it has already survived a major hail storm (the day after we got it assembled).
Thanks for all your guidance, and expertise.  I'll send you a picture when we have it in place.
The school phone is 785-594-3081

Charlene Potter

Marion Springs Elementary School

Baldwin, Kansas


Dear Gary Gowler,


Thought you might like to see the finished (one coat of stain to go) greenhouse kit, and know how much we like it.  It stays cool enough in our climate and the little tree frogs have moved in too.


Thank you ever so much for the great building.  We shall enjoy your work for many years, and I shall enjoy having all Colin's tender plants out of our house this winter.


Yours truly,

Jane Bruce Brooker

St. Helena Island, South Carolina



In response to your questions. I really like the looks of the dual wall Lexan. I will be anxious to see how it works when the weather gets colder.

As far as the getting it home, the freight company delivered it right to our door.  We unloaded it within a 100 feet of its present location.  Just the driver and myself unload it.  Needless to say we had to uncrate it on the truck and take it off piece by piece.   I had the ground ready.  With the help of two of my nephews and a friend of theirs (Two of the boys play football at a nearby college)  It took us only about two and a half hours to put it together. 

I am still trying to decide how to heat and cool the greenhouse so that I can raise orchids. 

Leland Sharpe

Junction City, Kansas



Hi Gary,

The greenhouse kit is absolutely beautiful! My mother was so pleased to see how sturdy it is; it will certainly stand up to the winds off the ocean. Even the truck driver was admiring the quality of the greenhouse. We're delighted.

I'll send you a photo when it's up and running. My husband is out there preparing the site right now. 

Take care.
Jane Blake

Murray Harbor, P.E.I.  Canada


Kit arrived last week but I was in San Francisco all week.  I arranged for it to be delivered last Monday (only $40 extra, well worth it).  It's unpacked and looks good.  It will be assembled on Saturday.

Keith Taylor,

Sparta, New Jersey


Just wanted to let you know that the Greenhouse kit went up like a charm!
A handyman working for me pretty much did the entire installation.  Myself and 2 other guys assisted him in setting the roof, but he did the rest.  I must tell you that Tom, the handyman, was MOST IMPRESSED by how well the pieces fit together.  Tom has over 25 years experience working with wood and doing all sorts of construction-related work (roofing, siding, etc.).  Tom is an individual whom I would best describe as a perfectionist.  His words were, "I've seen a lot of shed/garage kits, as well as all sorts of different portable greenhouses, and this is, by far, not only the best-looking, but also the most complete and well-made structure of its type I've ever seen."  Time and again he remarked on how well all the pieces fit together.
Your work is most excellent, Gary, and I think that after seeing other greenhouses, including some that I can buy locally, your product is easily the least expensive and best quality product I've seen.
I'll send some pictures as soon as I take them with my digital camera and
load them in my system.
Allen Warren,

Forrest Grove, Oregon


Gary - although the daytime temps have been great, we still experience some very cold (for here) nights - 14-16 degrees Fahrenheit.   I have decided to hold off on a heater until next year ... I'm in the process of beginning my shelving - winter weekend project.  Please have your potential buyer feel
free to contact me.  I can't imagine anyone seeing your product and not being impressed - also, I'm a great sales person for something I like, and I do like the greenhouse!!

Glad to hear from you ... when I finally get my film developed (I'm very slow at pictures) I'll scan in a few and forward them to you.

Frank Hackney

Montvale, Virginia



We managed to put the greenhouse kit together Saturday and it is beautiful! The assembly went pretty well, we had a little difficulty with the roof, but figured it out. Lifting it onto the walls was a little scary, but we got the job done.

I really like the greenhouse, you did a wonderful job.  I am sure this will withstand any weather Michigan can provide!!!

Thanks again,

Debbie Slowinski

Grass Lake, Michigan


Just a note to let you know we assembled the greenhouse kit last Thursday and it went very smoothly.  There were no problems at all.  I am getting nothing but compliments about your work and all who see it are very impressed.  I will send pictures soon.  I built benches out of treated lumber for the frame and I used vinyl fence rails for the top so the kids won't get any splinters.  
Talk to you later.

Ed Kepple,

Chicora Elemetary School

Chicora, PA




This is Jack and Julie in Nova Scotia.  Over the past week we have been preparing the base for the greenhouses.  We have two acres on a lake and the area for the greenhouses is in a treed, wetland portion behind our
house.  To ensure that we raised the level of land sufficiently, we had fill from an excavation for a basement for an addition to our house moved to that area, about 60 feet, and then brought in good quality gravel.  The gravel was dumped off the road about 100 feet from the fill site.  Unfortunately, a tractor that I wanted to use to carry the gravel in could not manage due to the wet conditions.  Welcome to the wheelbarrow.  I moved in 7 yards and raised the level of the base to 5
feet and have a very solid, dry base.

We put the first greenhouse up today.  Excellent condition.  When we put the two roof portions together we did connect the collar ties first as we thought that the support would be better and it worked well.  We have applied Olympic Wintergard with lindseed oil to the exterior and it does not change the appearance of the cedar at all.  Because of the black fly
problem in May and early June we are going to screen the ventilation windows and will design an interior opening capability for the vents, possibly with chains or as Julie though today, screen the interior just under the collar ties.  We'll let you know how this progresses.  We hope to have the second one up in a day or two and once both are in position
we will build an 8' x 8' garden shed between on the same design as your frame, open to both greenhouses.

On a suggestion from a builder friend, we ran 100' of 2" black utility plastic pipe under the gravel base.  Filled with water and capped at both ends, this should help collect heat from the gravel and cement patio stones we will lay for the centre walk in the g/houses.  Again, if this is successful, we'll let you know.  We intend to keep one of the houses at a minimum of 5 C over the winter, mostly with a 1500 watt ceramic heater, thermostatically controlled.  Estimated cost for the heater is about 12 cents per hour when operating. Will take photos as we go and will send copies once developed.
You have an excellent product.  We'll keep in touch. 

Thanks very much.

Jack and Julie
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



Hi Gary!

The greenhouse kit has arrived and it's beautiful!  We're actually putting it together now!  Once it's up, I'll send you a picture and you can post it on your internet site. I can't wait to start growing plants!  Funny - received my fall bulbs that I ordered by mail today too. Serendipity!

It wasn't too hard to get it all uncrated, etc. 

Will send you the jpg file once I have it.  Happy Gardening!


Everett, Washington


Hey Gary, just wanted to let you know the kit arrived today and we got it uncrated and off the truck without too much difficulty.  Definitely a 4 person job.  Took us a little under an hour. 
Thanks again and I'll send you a picture when it's all assembled.  At first glance, the kit looks wonderful.

Larry V. Streepy, Jr.
Sr. Vice President, HIE Technology

Denver, Colorado



Gary, Got the kit today! Thanks. You restored our faith in the human race as we didn't get scammed on the internet!!!!!Will ass'y tomorrow. Plan on putting it on a deck with some plywood flooring to keep drafts to a minimum. Will send some photos maybe via snail mail but will get some to you. What and when do suggest sealing it with? Have used Olympic CWF on the rest of the deck with decent results but do suggest acclimating the wood first? Anyway, good luck with the business and
thanks. More later, Rick

Rick O'Hearn,

Duluth, Minnesota



Hi again Gary,

The greenhouse kit is safely in my garage (which is filled with the wonderful smell of cedar).  It looks really great and I am pleased as can be with the design and quality of your workmanship.  The Lexan is really cool and quite flexible.  My friend really liked the roof vents and the whole look of it as well. (He is a contractor/builder of million dollar homes so his nod is a compliment.) 

My friend and I uncrated it there at Consolidated.  We then lifted the sections onto the flatbed and used the crating to protect the sections during the drive home.  It went very well.  Just the two of us managed to handle it without any problems.

I will send you a couple of digi pics when I get it done.  I'll throw in one of me hanging out by it so you can see who the hell you've been dealing with all this time.  I hope you will keep in touch and let me know how your doing and how your business is doing as well.

Thanks yet again for your hard work and good customer service!

Take care,

Steve Bath

Traverse City, Michigan



Our greenhouse kit arrived in Cedar Rapids Last Friday.  The trucking company said they had someone who could deliver it.  When it wouldn't fit in their truck we found it a way home.  A neigbor with a 30 foot flat bed he uses to haul heavy equipment helped us get it and uncrate it. The sections are sitting against the wall in our garage.  It looks very well made and the wood high quality. The shipping was only $ it was about what you said in the begining.   We'll let you know how assembly goes.

Nick Brown

Cedar Rapids, Michigan



It has been quite a while since we last connected.  It took a long time for me to get the "floor" prepared before I was able to assemble the greenhouse.  However, once the small-gravel floor area was prepared, actually assembling your greenhouse kit was a breeze.  I continue to be
impressed by your craftsmanship and the quality of the greenhouse.  My wife is very pleased.

Today, I completed the internal shelves/benches for plants and pots.  We are not yet growing anything, but planning to start flowers and tomatoes real soon.

I will email you some jpg pix of the completed project.





I finally completed most of the "improvements" to the inside of the greenhouse.  I have attached a few pix for you.

Last week, A movie location scout came by to look at the greenhouse.  Seems that they need a greenhouse for a movie and had heard about ours at the local plant and garden store down the road.  The probably need a greenhouse that is a bit larger.  However, the scout took a lot of pictures. You never know, you may have a movie star in the family in the future.

Larry Plummer


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